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Do I have to change custodians to use the Super Advisor platform?

Nope! We offer a software-as-a-service option for advisors without needing to change custodians.

Advisors who change custodians will be able to get the most out of the platform with workflows that extend into money movement, account opening, portfolio management and other back office use cases.

My broker-dealer has an investor app and an advisor desktop already. Why would I move?

There are many economic benefits to going independent and keeping more of your revenue.

Our technology platform is built from the ground up with the vision of empowering an advisor based on the best practices of tech-forward companies. The investor app gives clients a 10x better experience and visibility into their whole financial picture. For advisors, our advisor desktop and automations turn your business into an absolute powerhouse.

How long does it take to go independent?

We make sure things are set up just right for you so when you are ready to make the move, the process of onboarding clients can be done in a matter of weeks.

Can my team build automations without coding?

Absolutely! We have a user-friendly interface to build automations on top of our financial graph database. Anyone can do it!

Does the platform have strong security?

Yes! We work tirelessly to make sure that client information is secure using multi-factor authentication and cyber security best practices in the app infrastructure.

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