We raised $2M to empower financial advisors

We raised $2M to empower financial advisors
We raised $2M to empower financial advisors

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There are a lot of great financial advisors out there.

Still, only 7% of wealth management clients receive comprehensive advice according to a recent J.D. Power survey.

Advisors serve an average of 190 households, and comprehensive financial planning and advice are complicated and time-consuming to provide.

What's worse, is it is actually getting harder for advisors to do their best work.

They have increased compliance requirements, their share of fees is getting cut, and the technology provided is often not producing the value that it promised.

Robo-advisors like Wealthsimple changed the value proposition for advisors. To justify the fees they charge, they need to become truly holistic wealth advisors rather than focusing mostly on 'just' managing investments.

So advisors are asking themselves: "How can I modernize my business, become more efficient, and broaden my value proposition?"

Further to that, "Can I do this within the constraints of the bank?".

That's where Super Advisor comes in.

We saw an opportunity to help advisors digitize their businesses outside of the constraints of the big banks.

With Super Advisor, financial advisors can truly own their business and deliver comprehensive advice like never before possible.

Our mission is to empower financial advisors to provide more Canadians with full confidence in their finances.

We raised a $2M seed round led by Rhino Ventures in Vancouver to expand the team and build out the best possible platform for advisors and their clients.

We're excited to provide advisors with a platform built using today's technology so they can build future-proof businesses that scale.

Check out the full story here on BetaKit