Why smart advisors are going independent

Why smart advisors are going independent
Why smart advisors are going independent

The days of relying on your broker-dealer have come and gone.

You invested in your relationship with your clients. You invested in your business.

It's time to invest in your future and consider going independent.

Banking on better ROI

Let's face it. The big banks have made it clear that they are investing more in their branch channels and other lines of business that are higher ROI.

They do as little as possible to keep advisors and their clients satisfied, and instead are doubling down on innovations that don't include paying out 50% of revenues to an Investment Advisor.

Benefits to going independent

When you go independent, there are no more sales targets. No more products being pushed on you. No more branch managers breathing down your neck.

You keep 100% of your revenues and have control over your costs.

When you go independent, you can improve your profitability along with improving the value of your business if you choose to sell it down the road.

You even have the ability to monetize a portion of your book before you retire.

You can control your fate by choosing an independent network where you have the final say in how you run your business.

Moment Wealth provides a platform to go independent and dramatically improve your efficiency using our innovative investor and advisor tools. If you would like to learn more, contact us.